The Ticket and Transportation Center Complex
Ticket & Transportation Center at night.
Ferry Boat Dock to the Magic Kingdom instead of going by monorail.
The Ticket and Transportation Center Complex:
The stations, ticket booths, ferry dock, flags, and light poles were
modeled by me. Ground textures, trees, bushes, flowers, and other
growing items were made by DLS content contributors. For the
most part this is done,  Except for the parking lots, roadways and
landscaping to the north of the station.

The TTC is comprised of two stations. The first servicing track 1
and 2 to the Magic Kingdom, Track one is the local stopping at all
hotels with trains traveling Clock wise.
Track two is the express
stopping only at the Magic Kingdom and TTC with trains
traveling counter clock wise.

The second station services track 3 to Epcot Station. All that I
have completed there is my model of Space Ship Earth
. Here
you can take a look at Epcot by clicking the Epcot button at the left
of the screen. When finished you can return to this page and
continue on.