Monorail Green passing through junction on to express beam 2,
WELCOME to The WDW Monorail and Old Time Railroad

As you can see it is under construction, So far I have the
general map and track layout, as of 5/26/2011 I have added
most of the Monorail and Magic Kingdom RR Stations
including Epcots Station Modeled by JFE, and my model of
Space Ship Earth, and some of the buildings, and roads.

The Original Monorail Trains and Beam System I downloaded
in a package from Trainz Luvs site, But JFE author of the
package has since released a new package with Aurans SP1.

Although I have TRS 2006, and TS 2009, not liking the 2006
version I have not installed it on my new computer. I am still
building in TRS 2004, and then exporting into TS 2009. The
following is a picturial journey of my progress.
Monorail Shops Building
MR Green approches the junction to the Magic Kingdom Beams