When the Washington bureaucrats pass laws
that dictate religious concepts of morality that
we do not believe in, this violates our rights to
freedom of believe.

The real question is one of belief, when is the
developing egg a person? When an egg is
fertilized it begins to divided, and form a fetus,
but until it is fully formed into the child it will
become, it is still a fetus not a child. It has
never known what we call life any more then
the millions of eggs that have never been
fertilized and washed away during a menstrual

The child is not a person until it has fully
developed, at this point it is an individual
person with it's own character and has the same
right to life as the rest of us.

The mother should have the right to abort if
she does so in early  pregnancy, or any time if
it in dangers her life.

I am not a lawyer, and like most of us I learned
some basic law when I went through school,
but un-like some I have never stopped learning.

The Constitution of the United States is the
highest law of the land, all others must be hold
to it.

The Federal Laws and the Supreme Court
rulings must be Constitutional or they are not
Abortion And Women's Rights
Last revision 10/07/2014
No state may make any law that supersedes a
federal law.

Anyone may challenge a law as to it's
constitutionality, and it must pass the test or it is
illegal and must be thrown out.

A law must protect the rights of a person or
group of persons from violation by a person or
group of persons. It has nothing to do with
personal feelings, or beliefs.

For instance if your religion considers something
morally wrong, and you believe in it then you
have the right not to do it.

But just because your believe says it is wrong,
does not make it so to some one else who does
not believe that way. Under the constitution
everyone has the right to believe as they choose.

Copyright by Gordon K. Glatz