This would solve several problems we now have, plus insure:
(1) No double voting
(2) No mistakes in marking ballots
(3) Insure a paper trail for recount.

Each person of legal voting age would be registered on a life
time bases. Just like social security they would go and register
when they reached the age to vote.

It would not be a state registration, and would not matter
where they lived. It would be a US Citizen Voting Registration.

Each person would be checked at the time of registering to
verify their eligibility to vote. Their picture would be taken
and affixed to their registration card. The card would be hard
plastic like a drivers license, or credit card, and would have
the information embedded in to the card. The card would have
the name and address of the person printed on it also.

Since this would require the passing of a bill to make this law,
It would contain a clause that, "No information may be
included on the voting card other then what is required to
verify eligibility to vote, and access to the data bank with the
card is prohibited for any other use then voting, or by any
other then a voting machine."

This would prevent the card from becoming a national ID,
such as in the True ID law, which is objected to at the present

The persons thumb or finger print would be included, and
stored not on the card, but electronically encoded with the
information in the data bank. This way no one could make a
fake with their print, or just change the print on someone
else's card to match theirs. ( See: HOW YOU WOULD CAST

If a person is convicted of a felony they would be made to turn
over the card. It would be canceled in the card bank, and after
serving their time they could apply for their card back. Even if
they did not have the card with them, it would still be canceled
and could not be used.
Can The Way We Vote Be Improved?
Last revision 10/07/2014
The ballot would be for the President only, the state
candidates for federal offices (senators) and for other
state related issues would be cast on a different ballot.

The Presidential Ballot:
Would consist of small encoded cards one for each candidate.
(1) They could be mailed to each registered voter in the month
before the election, and the voter would choose which he
wanted to vote for and trash the rest.
(2) Or the cards could be placed in boxes in the polling place,
and you could pick up the one you wanted. Saving on the
mailing cost and trash.

The voter would go to the polling place, and insert his
registration card in to a slot in the voting machine. It would
read the card information in to a log and credit them as having
voted. At the same time they would slip their finger into a slot
for print comparison, and the comparison would be made with
the print on file for that card. They then would slip the other
card for the candidate into another slot that would read the
card applying the vote for that candidate. The card would then
be deposited in to a container. The cards could be counted by
hand if a recount is called for, and compared with the
electronic count. The reason I have added the finger print is
because pictures can be changed, people change their
appearance, and the guard who checks picture to person may
make mistakes.

A person could not vote twice, because the registration card
would not be returned until after the election. It would be
deposited in to another container, and the cards would be
mailed back to the voters after the election is over. Or they
could pick their card up at the polling place after the election
to save on mailing cost. If they do not have a card they do not

If they lose their card they can go and apply for a
replacement. The replacement card would have a change in
the code to indicate that it is a replacement.