Last revision 3/18/2017
It is March, 2017, and Trump has been in office only a couple of months. I hope I am not the only one that
can see what this is leading up too? Has the Republican party been taken over by Communists, or Nazis?
Have they wormed their way into the very heart of our Democracy? Trump and his cabinet are not up
holding their oaths of office, and are breaking the law. Where is the law enforcement? Why are they not
bring them up on charges? No one is above the law!  

They have used the people harboring pent up feelings of Hate, and Prejudice. Those who have not been
happy for the last eight years under Obama, not because he was a bad president, but simply because he was
half black. Then we have the religious citizens who are against abortion, and birth control who would vote
for anyone they thought would give them their way. These people are not patriots for they care not for the
whole country. They would enslave everyone else that does not believe as they do.

It is the monster GREED embodied in the rich who control the military industrial complex, the big
corporations, and big oil companies that care only for their profits. To keep those profits flowing requires
no restrictions to the polluting, and waste their products produce. To do this get a President who is on their
side, and will get rid of the obstacles, By declaring there is no climate problem, and shut down the EPA.
Bring back the dirty coal, and increase oil production. Allow the big three auto to go on building big gas
guzzling polluting transportation. So the oil companies can sell more gas, and the stock holders can make
more dividends.

This administration is doing a similar thing with immigration to what was done to the Japanese citizens
during the second world war. In the name of national security they took them away from their homes, and
put them into internment camps, all be cause of fear, and mistrust. I like to believe that all Muslims  are not
like the hard line murders that are causing the  terror through out the world. The ones coming here should
be willing to embrace their new home as other immigrants did in the past by following our ways, and
obeying our laws. If they are not willing to do this then they should return to whence they came. As for
illegal immigrants that snuck a crossed our borders they should be deported. We do not need new
immigration laws, we just need to enforce the ones on the books, and back the officers who are trying to
enforce these laws.

As the saying goes, if it is not broken don’t fix it. A program that has been working for eight years, for
millions of people should not be replaced, just because the Republicans Hate Obama, and want revenge.
Wake up people before you have no rights left, and fight back.

Copyright 2017 by Gordon K. Glatz