Why would they do it? Human beings are a greedy,
violent lot. Look at our history, down through time
there have been those, who have killed far more of
their own, for their own ends. Hitler killed way more
then 3000 Germans to take control, and hold of his

Look back at the year 2000, when GW Bush became
president. This country was divided down the middle,
there were many who believed that the election was
rigged. There were people who were in the process of
bring action against Bush, and the Republican Party.
His presidency was off to a very bad start. He did not
have the majority of the popular vote, and the only
reason he got what he did was because of the
Christian vote. They did not vote for what was good
for the country as a whole, but for what was good for
their prejudicial moral beliefs concerning abortion,
and same sex marriage.

At any rate, it takes more then one man to do the
dirty work, and only one party had control of the
government. They would lose that power if the
president were changed, and they could not control
him. How do you insure he stays in office, by creating
a situation where the people will stand behind him,
and others will not dare continue action against him.
What kind of situation would do this? How about one
that would create fear and anger in the general public.
Would an act of war by some group do the trick? A
plane crash into a building that only did damage to a
few floors would not be cause to declare war. But if the
damage was as resulted in 9/11, with 3000 deaths, that
would be a different story.

This doesn't mean that the president knew, or had
anything directly to do with what took place. Some
group in the government with greed for money and
power, were the instigators of this tragedy. Then it was
blamed on terrorist, which were all dead and could not
be questioned. After the initial shock, fear, and anger
took over in the public.
Can We Stop Terror?
Last revision 10/07/2014
They ended up giving Bush powers that no president
before him has had, and resulted in a war that has run
the country deep in debt. For those as yet unknown, who
caused the whole thing, there has I am sure been great
profit, both in money, and legislation pasted that effects
the well being of us all.

Terror has been around from the beginning of time, and
will always be with us, no matter how much we spend to
stamp it out. Because any time a person(s) disagrees
with anyone from a neighbor on up to the government,
and feels that the only way to in act change is with
violence, they are terrorist to those the violence is

All we can do is keep clear heads, don't believe every
thing you are told, demand proof, secure our ports, and
borders, and keep a watchful eye.

Copyright by G.K. Glatz