NO! We will never stamp out terror.....

The war on terror did not start with 9/11, as far as this
country goes. We have been at war with terror since
our inception as a free country, and have had to deal
with it.

The Indian's were terrorist to the settlers, and when
we were fighting for our freedom we were the terrorist
to the British. When the south rouse up against the
north they were the terrorist. The KKK was terrorist
to any one who was not a white Christian, and are still
around. During the first and second world wars the
German's were the Terrorist, and the communist did
their part to stir-up violence. Today we still have the
Clan, Neo-Nazis, Communist, Militant Military, cults,
and government hate groups as well as plain hate
America radicals. All of which are labeled
TERRORIST and must be kept under close scrutiny.

For this we have various government agencies such as
the FBI, CIA, NSA, US Marshals, etc. Who have
managed to maintain order, and stop them before they
can do much of anything, while we sleep peacefully in
our beds. For the most part we never hear about these
occurrences, unless we happen to be involved in the
occurrence personally, until years later when some one
makes a movie or TV show about them. No policing
agency can be effective 100% of the time, and
tragedies do happen. Especially if treachery is
involved in the agencies that are doing the policing, or
in the Government that gives them orders.

Now with the Department Of Home Land Security, all
are security eggs have been combined in one basket,
and with the suspension of our civil liberties, and
privacy under The USA PATRIOT Act, even a non
violent action can be used to brand an honest citizen
as a terrorist. Anyone of us who becomes angry over
some injustice, that can not be rectified to our
satisfaction through legal means, may be come a
Can We Stop Terror?
Last revision 10/07/2014
Just the thought of terror alone can be used to frighten
people into acting, or agreeing with actions that they
normally would not agree too. We have never let fear of
what might happen, provoke us in to attacking our
neighbors. Only when attacked first did anger provoke
us to war. Leaders of governments know only to well
what fear and anger can do, and if these leaders are not
restricted by checks, and balances, they will use them to
gain their ends what ever they may be.

This is exactly what has happening right here in our
country with 9/11. This was not an attack by a
neighboring country, but by a Religious, Christian
hating order. Who have a grudge against Christian's
dating back to the Crusades, and the Bush family in
particular, since Operation Desert Storm. The ones
responsible should be caught and punished for their
crimes. But we can not do anything to the ones who
actual carried out the act, as they are dead. Those who
gave the orders are not the only criminals who must be
found, there is also those who knew and looked the
other way, or ignored what they were told, that are just
as guilty as the ones who did the act. The sad part is
that these people are not Muslims, Iraqi's, Arabs, or
Al Qaeda. They are CITIZENS that are greedy, power
mad, and misguided religious individuals, or groups that
think their way of life is the only one.

I know of no other religion other then the Muslims, and
the Christians, that insist everyone believe their way.
Does it not seem strange that there is so many religions
in the world, all of which claim that their God is the only
one. Who is right? Are they all wrong? Or are they all
right? Maybe they are all fighting over the same GOD.
Maybe the little guy that they all scorn, who doesn't
believe in GOD is right. I am afraid we will never know
who is right.

There are those who believe that there was more to
9/11, then just some terrorist crashing planes into
buildings. Did some one take the movie, Wag The Dog,
as an inspiration to solve political problems?