To the Governing Body, Keep Your Cotton Pick
Hands Off Social Security!!

Barack Obama is now into his second term, and
the Republican’s once again are trying to screw
up the system, for they still do not understand
the meaning of the word TRUST.

President Bush is gone with his opinion that
Social Security is not a trust fund with money
set aside for recipients, but a pay-as-you-go
system. He never did understand the word  
trust in any thing he did for that matter.

This fund was set up long before he was even
a thought in his mothers mind. During a
presidency greater then his can ever hope to
be. It most certainly was set up as a Trust
Fund. The money deducted from the working
public wages to be set aside, and placed in this
trust for the recipients, when they retired. This
trust though like any trust is only as good as
those to whom it is entrusted. What does this
say for elected officials we pay to manage our
government, and this trust. When other people
entrusted with a fund, such as a labor union
retirement fund, were caught taking from or
mismanaged it they went to jail. Why should
these government servants of the public be
any different, they pick our pockets, and make
the rules to their liking.

By 1986 I was 50 years old, out of work and
having a hard time finding a job. Because
when an employer took one look a me with my
back and neck, he was not about to hire me.
No company at that time wanted to hire
anyone that might have, or looked like they
might develop a back problem. They did not
come right out and say so, but just found some
other excuse not to hire me.

For the next 10 years I worked at teaching,
driving, and other odd jobs until I just could
not handle it any more. The pain was to much
if I tried to do any lifting or pulling. There was
nothing wrong with my brain, hands or legs. I
could do work that did not require physical

I had worked 11 years for one company and
was entitled to partial retirement, and of
course I had my Social Security retirement too.
I believed I could not take either one until I
was 65. I was living with my son who was
having a hard time supporting both of us. It
was close to my 61st birthday in 1997 when I
checked to see when I could start my plant
Hands Off Social Security
Last revision 7/13/2015
I found that I could have started at 60 at a lower
amount, my son said any thing would help. Well
it was not much help it only amounted to $102 a

For Social Security it was 62 also at a lower
amount, which they never did tell me what the
maximum was for 65. In addition they deduct
payments each month from my Social Security
for medicare, which I have paid in to all my
working years. A medical program that requires
a co-payment for nearly everything, when I can
not live on what I get in the first place.

I have been receiving Social Security now since
1998, and can not live on my own with what I
get each month. Only by living with my son and
pooling our resources can we both get by.
Especially since the cost of living has been
steadily going up, and now with the gas prices.
It is costing my son so much for gas, that he said
It was hardly worth driving to work. I do not
think I will be here to see who the next president
is, what worries me is what my son will have
when he retires if we do not have Social Security.

Of course I did live to see the next President. I
have been lucky to have good health, and not
need drugs, but I still am physically unable to
work. I pity the poor people who can not make it
to retirement age which never should have been
extended to 67. Who is the idiot that had the
right to make the change? Now I hear of them
wanting to extend it to 70, and to 80. I know
some people are living longer, and would not be
collecting as much if they got it at a later age.
But just because they are living longer does not
mean they can work to the later age. Why bother
to pay anyone then the funds will surely last. Let
them starve to death trying to get by till they
reach what the bureaucrats think is the proper

Copyright by Gordon K. Glatz