A response to Congressman Bill Posey's
Statement for the National Day of Prayer.

Now maybe this has been on the books for
some time, but I must admit that I was not
aware we had such a day. Now I have nothing
against prayer, and would not deny anyone
their rights under the law of freedom of
worship, as long as they were not breaking
that law by imposing their prayers on me.

I was not surprised though since this is not the
first time the Christian's have managed to
ignore the law of Separation of church and
state. That has to be the case if this day was
declared by the Federal Government, which by
doing so is showing partiality for those who
pray.  I realize whether I pray on that day is
up to me, and no one is going to know one
way or the other, but that is not the point. The
point is that People should honor the rights of
all, not just the Judeo-Christian citizen's of this

As Posey said, " America is rooted in a Judeo-
Christian faith. George Washington said, ‘It is
impossible to govern the world without God
and the Bible.'"
That is probable why we have
had so many wars, because it is impossible to
govern the world using only the Christian God,
and Bible. George didn't take into account all
the other people's God's and Bibles.

Posey said, “We are One Nation Under God -
‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.’
The Mayflower sailed through uncharted
waters to an unknown land - a land that was
claimed ‘for the glory of God and the Christian
faith.’ - Mayflower Compact, November 11,
1620. Today America is once again on
uncharted waters. We need to return to
America’s roots and founding principles."
National Prayer Day
Last revision 10/06/2014
Now I don't know how many people there are in
this country that do not believe in a
Judeo-Christian God or any God for that matter,
but if you recognize their rights we are not one
Nation Under God, nor are we solely a Christian
nation. Further more this land was owned by the
natives who were born here first, and the
Mayflower people had no right to claim it for the
glory of God and the Christian Faith.

The rest of Posey's statement is nothing but a

We  are lucky to live in one of the greatest
countries in the world. It is because of our
Constitution, and Bill of Rights, which sets the
laws that insure our freedoms. This country is
governed not by royalty, dictators, or what we
call the Federal Government. It is governed by
the people, by their votes that send ordinary
people to Washington to sever us. The President,
Members of the House, and Senate, and all the
other federal employees that make up this
serving group are beholding to WE the PEOPLE.

They all take an oath to up hold, and defend the
Constitution yet every day they continue to
brake the law by passing legislation that is
Unconstitutional. Or failing to follow the clear
dictate of it's writing. We can not do away with
prejudice in this country unless we obey the law
of the land, and practice our belief's with out
infringing upon the rights of others. This means
you have the freedom to practice your belief's in
your home, at meetings of your kind, or in your
houses of worship, but not in public where you
might offend someone who doesn't share your
belief. This applies to members of the federal
government, they are free to be Christian's on
their own time, but you don't side with any belief
when dealing with the general public.

Copyright by Gordon K. Glatz