Keystone Pipe Line?
Last revision 7/13/2015
It has been a over year since I sent the letter I posted here, with no reply, and they are still trying to
pass the bill for this pipe line, and Congressman Posey, as far as I know has not changed his opinion,
as he said, "The Keystone pipeline, which the Administration has blocked, would have cut in half our
daily imports from Saudi Arabia. I believe this pipeline is a priority for reducing our dependence on
Middle East oil and will continue to work to see it built."

Cutting our daily imports in half might happen if the product from the pipe line was actually used by
us, and not sold over seas. He is still missing the real problem which is not our dependence on Middle
East oil, but the dependence on oil it's self.

This whole mess started way back when gas was 20 to 30 cents a gallon, promoting the use of the
Internal Combustion Engine over other means of transportation. Over a hundred years of growth to
millions of cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, etc. spuing out tons of pollutants into our air, water, and
ground. Not including the pollution from producing, shipping, and storing the oil, and gasoline. I
realize that this is not the only source of pollution, but enacting laws to clean up industrial waste, and
requiring scrubbers on smoke stacks of manufacturing, and power plants, will not do the job it we do
not clean up transportation too.

People did not realize, or didn't care when they were making millions from their oil wells, and that
industry has grown to a giant that will do anything to keep that oil and their profits flowing. The
answer is our Sun, it bakes this planet 365 days a year like a chicken on a spit, and could provide all
the Electricity we need, with out the pollution we get from oil, coal, or the hazards of nuclear, and it's
problem of disposing of waste.

I am not advocating closing down the oil industry, as there are many other products made from oil,
such as, textiles, plastics, medicine, etc. Until these can all be replaced by other products that do the
same thing, we will have a need for oil. At some future date the oil will run out, and we had better
have something else to replace it. The biggest consumer of oil is transportation, just think of how
much further that oil will go if we stop using it for transportation.

There is already a wind of change that is gaining a foot hold in the automotive industry in spite of big
oil trying to stop it, and that is the Electric Car. I also read where Wind Electric power is being put to
use in many locals a cross this country, I saw a field of them on a trip I took years ago. Recently I
saw on the internet where they built a huge solar energy plant in the desert. These are all a good start
in the right direction, but we should be providing more backing from the government for even more
development of wind, and solar.

I truly believe that most of the medical problems people and children are having is due to the long
time effects of living in all this pollution. We can not afford more accidents from oil spills, and that
pipe line will transverse a major part of this country, unlike the Alaskan pipe line. Even the Alaskan
pipe has suffered attacks as I saw on a program on Tv, and the Keystone one would be a good target
for some nut, or terrorist.

Copyright by Gordon K. Glatz