They would be purely electrical, and contain no
moving parts, and only require an electric
source, which doesn't mean a gas generator,
or batteries. Although gas or electric motors
used to drive these early models is an easy way
off demonstrating that the invention works.

All inventions using these principles have been
dubbed with the name, "Inertia Propulsion
Engine or Drive," and patents have been issued
on these devices. Before I go any further, let
me state, "There is no such thing as Inertial
propulsion." Inertia can not propel anything, it
is the resistance to movement caused by
gravity and friction. This device gets it's thrust
from Unidirectional Centrifugal Force.

Now when we speak of anti-gravity, most
peoples definition is, a repelling force acting
against gravity. When true anti-gravity is a
force acting in the opposite direction to
gravity. This is why no one has been able to
produce such a device, because the
electromagnetic spectrum has no affect on
gravity. Gravity is the attractive energy of
mass, and Centrifugal Force is its opposite.
Gravity pulls mass together, where CF pulls
mass apart.

People must stop thinking of Inertia as a force,
and realize that Centrifugal Force is a the real
force. The proof is all around us, but science
for some reason can't see the truth. It is the
"anti" of gravity, and is used normally in
maintaining full orbits.

I had many email's from readers who declared
that Centrifugal Force (CF) was not a force
that it is caused by Inertia. Centrifugal Force is
certainly a force. In fact, it is one of the two
most important forces in nature, and together
with gravity accounts for all the mechanics of
the universe.
It began in my brain 63 years ago!
Last revision 10/06//2014

It is the reason that the planets stay in orbit,
magnetism has nothing to do with it. From the
smallest atom with its revolving electrons right
up to the largest galaxies, these two forces
control all the orbits. We here on earth use this
force every day in many ways, most of the time
with out even realizing we are, from a carnival
ride to a washing machine.

Normally the force applies to 360 degrees of
rotation. Where it can be a help or a hindrance
depending on whether the force is balanced. In
the old front loading washing machine, they had
to put a large steel weight on the top of the
drum to keep it from jumping all over the place.
Some times the weight was not enough, and our
washer would walk across the room as far as the
hoses and cord would allow. If we did not watch
it, the force could break the hoses or pull the
plug out of the wall. That is why they usually
bolted the machines down to the floor.

Centripetal Force (CP) on the other hand is
nonexistent, it is a term used to account for a
mass following a curved path. The only place this
applies is in space under the influence of gravity.
Here on earth nothing will hold a curved path
with out a physical attachment to the center of
rotation, even if that attachment is just friction,
such as a cars tires on the road. In space, gravity
is the physical attachment when the orbit is
under the influence of the gravity of a larger
body. If you must have a CP, force then you
could say it was gravity.

Every planet stays in its orbit because of its
particular velocity around its star. Governed by
the formula CF = MVsq/r, if a planet was to
speed up or slow down it would shift its orbit
outward or inward accordingly.

Copyright 2007 by Gordon K. Glatz
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