I made a discovery when I was 15 years old
back in 1951, but I did little with it before
1958. Most of my work was on paper, with
drawings, and there was no computer at the
time. My first on line service was not until
1998, with dial up. I went to high speed in
1999, and built my own web site on Yahoo
Geocities.  Now that amounts to about 16 years
on the Internet.

During this time, I have belonged to several
bulletin boards, communities, groups, what
ever you want to call them. Some of these
were what yahoo had before they changed to
the present groups. There were many groups
that had theories on UFOs, Space, and Space

During this time, I read some pretty far out
theories, and wrote about some of mine. I
displayed them in articles on my own site.
Http://biggsplace.com Including my theory of
Unidirectional Centrifugal Force, which was
based on the Formula found in any physics
book, (CF= M x V Squared/R ), with drawings
of mechanical, electromechanical, and other
ways of producing this force. I had no funds to
build working models, or to patent my
invention, and later pulled all the information
off my site.

With all my surfing on the net, and
participation in these groups, you would think
I would have heard of everyone who had
similar ideas. I did learn of one example of a
working device on the net. I do not remember
who the inventor of that device was, (It might
have been Thornson.) It used a number of
solenoids revolving on a wheel. The mass
affixed to the armatures where they could be
snapped in ward by the solenoids, to shorten
their radius at one point in the circle. This
produced an off balance at that point, and an
increase of Centrifugal force.
It began in my brain 63 years ago!
Last revision 10/06/2014
When this device was in a boat, the boat moved
slowly across the water. Although this worked it
produced very little usable force, and as far as I
know nothing further came of it.

While I was looking over some of my EV car
sites, I happened on a link to a group dealing
with new energy sources, and that was where I
stumbled on to Cook's Inertial Propulsion (CIP)


My heart nearly stopped when I read about what
he was working on. My first thought was he had
read some of my material on my site and had
stolen my idea. He has been working on his idea
since 1968; if this is true then he discovered it on
his own, although my discovery predates his by
17 years.

I had never heard of Bob Cook until that day. I
proceeded to his web site and looked over all the
information he had there, and wrote him a letter
informing him of my claim. I have also joined a
yahoo group dedicated to him, and informed the
members of my earlier discovery. Which I have
been very careful over the years not to mention
with much detail, since I learned from experience
not to trust any one.

I have had three inventions stolen from me in
the past. Two were back when I was 12 years
old, and knew nothing about protecting my
inventions, the third around in my 30's. I believe
one of the worst crimes in the world is to steal a
persons dream, to take their thoughts, and claim
them as theirs, because they are not smart
enough to think for them selfs.

Copyright 2007 by Gordon K. Glatz
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