Immigration Laws
Last revision 7/13/2015
This makes it that much easier for illegals to function in this country. Now you can be soft hearted
and feel sorry for them, but they still broke the law. Your attitude is like the crooks in Washington
who think the laws apply to everyone but them. The right thing to do is round up and send them
back to where they came from. Then if they want to apply for entry in the proper way, and learn  
American history, geography, government, and English as other emigrants did to become citizens
that would be fine. I know that some of these people are educated but most are not and are ill
equipt to vote intelligently.

For this subject the ones objecting the strongest are those who have something to gain. Either
maintaining their profit level from cheap labor, or gains from immigrant consumers on housing,
food, and other spending. Or they are legal citizens of Spanish, or Latino heritage, or relatives of
illegals, that want to help their own kind get around the law.

The immigration laws have been on the books for a long time, and makes it illegal for anyone to be
here with out entry papers, or citizenship. There for they should be found and deported back where
they came from. The right by birth to citizenship should not apply to anyone born of parents who
are not here legally. After all if an American citizen moves to another country, they are not
automatically citizens of that country. They have to apply for citizens ship if they intend to stay,
and if a child is born to them while they are there, ( as far as I know ) the child is not a citizen of
that country, but is a citizen of the parents country. The same thing should apply to Mexicans
especial if they are here illegally. I have nothing against anyone who comes here legally, and learns
what is needed to become a citizen, and that includes English.

Proof of Citizen ship:
I don't understand why anyone who is a legal citizen should object to proving that they are. How
else are the police going to find the illegals. If you are a legal citizen you have nothing to hide, and
all illegals don't look like Mexicans. The problem with the open boarder is not just immigration, it
is also how other things can get into this country, dope, militants, bombs. That border should be
closed. There is no way that a law requiring this should be considered unconstitutional. Since it in
no way is infringing upon any rights of legal citizens, and illegal ones have no rights under our

Homeless and Jobs:
Many of the homeless and poor people living here are those illegals who have no business being
here, and the legal citizens who can't find jobs because they are here, plus those who would not
work if you found them a job. I get so tired of hearing this bull that profiteers keep spreading about
Americans won't take these jobs. During the great depression when jobs were very scarce Americans
cried for anything to make some money. The thing is they would not take the jobs at the wage the
illegals do, and they would not have to because of the minimum wage law the employer would have
to pay if he hire them. This whole problem is the fault of business.