Immigration Laws
Last revision 7/13/2015
In the beginning:

The white eyes first came in peace to find freedom in a new land, but as the flood of humanity
increased from the east more an more land was needed to support them. It was either live together
or survival of the fittest in war. Today we all live together in peace, and have built a great nation.
This peace maintained by the laws of this land set in the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Laws
that are suppose to be enforced by the policing agents we hire to uphold them. They can not do
their jobs if the majority of the legal citizens won't let them. Why bother to write laws to govern us
all, if we are going to have the attitude, " They are for the other guy not me!" It is not necessary to
pass a another Immigration law if we just up held the ones already on the books, and enforced them.

Why have immigration laws, when are forbears were all immigrants? It was  necessary to insure that
the new arrivals would not be a burden on the country. By increasing the population more rapidly
then could be absorbed by housing, food, work, and to screen for disease.

Our ancestors who migrated to this country came from many countries with many languages and
did not have the luxury of labeling on packages, signs and other public information in each of their
languages. Can you imagine what it would be like if all road signs had to be printed in all those
languages. They had to go to school and learn American history, geography, government, and
English and pass a test to get their citizenship papers. We have a nation here that doesn't have the
problems for the most part with understanding one another that has been such with all the other
nations of the world. It has taken all most all of the 239 years that our country has been in existence
for the people of the combined countries of  Europe to finely form a Union and get their own single
currency. We would have the same mess here if we had allowed more then one language in this
country. Today we do not speak the kings English we speak our own form of it. Which contains
many words that are not English, but come from the many languages these people spoke. It is our
national language, and if not for a President making Spanish the second language we would not
have the problems we have now.

This basically was due to the fact that we have Island possessions where the native language is
Spanish. They are not states in our union and are in affect still separate countries, but owned by the
United States. Their people are considered citizens already and as such can freely enter the
continual U.S. to work and live here. Since they are already citizens there is nothing to force them
to learn English. There for IMO the law should have required that all people from possessions learn
English as a second language, if they desired to migrate here to the main land. We have to states
that are not directly connected to the main land, and who's native language is not English, but they
learn English in their schools.