I read in the news where some one said, "The union of a
man and woman is the most enduring human institution,
honoring -- honored and encouraged in all cultures and
by every religious faith. Ages of experience have taught
humanity that the commitment of a husband and wife to
love and to serve one another promotes the welfare of
children and the stability of society."

This may have been the truth at one time, but pretty
hard to swallow at this time, with all the broken
marriages, and people who are just living together.

They say, " The majority of the people care about moral
values." The question is who's moral values are they

We have for years fought against prejudice in this
country, and have past laws to prevent this. Yet the
issues in this election were nothing but prejudices based
on religious belief's. This whole business against same
sex marriage is nothing but one of prejudice. Just
another reason for keeping the division of church and
state. You can not have freedom of belief if it does not
apply to all belief's. This melting pot of the world
contains nearly all religions. This is no longer just a
Christian country, believing in Christian values.

I went to church, and studied the Bible too, I married a
woman for 28 years and have kids. Just so you don't get
the idea that I am ignorant in the teachings of the
church, or a gay person. I say this because I can not
stand those, who preach one thing and do another.

I do believe that when there was both a mother and a
father in the home, and the mother stayed at home with
the kids, and the parents rights were honored, the kids
were the better for it, and society as a whole.

Christian's believe that God created Man and Woman as
mates just as with the rest of the animals, yet they also
turn right around and claim that sex is the original sin,
and we are all living in sin.
Gay Marriage
Last revision 10/06/2014
Of course they use a tale of the apple to explain it to the
young, but we all know the apple represents the gaining of the
knowledge of sex. Which they believe they were not suppose
to do, and were cast out of the garden to fend for them selfs.
Why give the ability to reproduce if we were not intended to
use it, just like other animals.

The Christians would have you believe that marriage was
invented by God, it was not, it was instituted by man. People
did not start to marry in a formal ceremony, until societies
began forming where there was a need for proof of inheritance.

The marriage ceremony was a legal means of establishing
property rights, and the right of the sir name for the child. If
you ladies stop to think back the words were a lot different at
that time, " To love, honor, and obey" your husband.

The marriage doesn't even have to be done by the church, it
can be preformed by a judge, ships captain, there are others
that do not come to mind right now. It is just as legal whether
sanctioned by the church or not, the holiness of marriage is in
the mind of the individuals personal belief. Which in our
society under the right to believe as we choose, can not be
forced on to some one else.

I do believe that it is not the fault of true gays that they are
the way they are. This is a fault in the genetic make up, that
controls the emotional make up of  the brain. Until science
can find the cause, and correct it, we will have these people
amongst us.

They can not produce off springs to carry their names, but if
they are allowed to adopt which has happened, the child would
carry it's own sir name from it's original father. Unless the
name was legally changed to that of one of the partners. If
they want to have a marriage ceremony with a licences for the
sake of property rights, I can not see any harm in letting

By rights any law passed or a amendment to the constitution
that forbids this, is unconstitutional. Since we are suppose to
have the freedom to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Copyright by Gordon k. Glatz