I was born in 1936, and I have been reading, and hearing about Theories of one kind or another all my life. I don't know
how familiar those who will read this are with the various subjects I am talking about, or how much will be remembered.

I think the earliest one I remember was when a bunch of people dug bunkers and went underground. They truly
believed that the world was going to end on a certain day. When the time came and nothing happened, people tried
to get them to come out of the ground, but at first they refused to believe them.

By 1951-52 the reports of sightings of UFO's, and theories pertaining to them were emerging in news papers, and
magazines. I even had a experience with one myself, but in my small town no one  in my neighborhood had ever heard of
the term, and had no idea what it was we saw that day. Later I happened to see an article in a magazine with an artist
rendition on the cover, arousing my interest I began looking for other articles, stories, books anything having to do with
UFO's or strange happenings.

Over the years my interest lead me to read many books on related subjects, including stories, (related or not depending
on what you believe) about Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, the Ancient cities of South America, and tribes that inhabited the
area, the mysterious Easter Island with all those carved heads. Some of the best theories relating to the ancient wonders
of the world were in a series written by Erich Von Daniken.  Except for his last couple of books which IMO were off the
deep end. Probable his best known book was Chariots of the Gods, which was made in to a movie.

One of the most frightening theories for those who believe in this sort of thing was about Planet X aka Nibiru. This was
suppose to be a planet that travels in an elliptical orbit that takes it millions of miles out in to space and returns it every
so many years back through our solar system to swing around the sun and head back out into deep space.

It is suppose to be several times larger then Earth, and has in the past been responsible for various disasters here on
earth. Now the first time I heard of this planet it was suppose to return in the year 1999, then when that did not occur it
was up dated to 2000, then 2008, 2010, and now 2012. Like the great electronic disaster that was suppose to occur in
2000 it never showed. The fact is that if it was that large and close enough to be here in 2012 our telescopes would have
picked it up by now.

Man is suppose to have the most intelligence of any animal on this planet, yet the average he/she on the street are as
dumb as stumps. I have a sister in law who actually did not know that the world is round. This was back in 1979 and she
was a mother of four and a high school graduate. There are people who for one reason or another delight in scaring the
hell out of gullible people, and of course those who believe in what they spread.

If you go by the Christian Bible the world is suppose to end in fire, but then you must wonder does it mean the Earth we
live on will be no more, or just the human infestation. For there is no way this ball we live on can be completely
destroyed. If the sun was to go out we would all freeze, but the planet would still be here. If the sun went supernova the
earth would be a scorched cinder, but still here. If struck by another body larger then earth it would be broken up or
pulverized, but still here. It is only what is on the earth that will be no more.

Now I kind of think that this system was constructed to last long enough for us to come of age and devise ways to
evacuate to some other planet when the time comes. As far as I know the sun has millions of years life still in it, and
earth has survived millions of years of abuse and has not yet encountered a major collusion of that magnitude. So I will
take each day as it comes, and if it is my time so be it. I figure I have more of a change of dying from old age, disease,
accident, or crime then from Planet X, or Sun spots, and will never live long enough to find out.

Copyright by Gordon K. Glatz
DOOMs Day Theories!
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