A Child Support Bill
Last revision 7/13/2015
Now you may say that he shouldn’t have got her pregnant if he didn’t want a child to raise. There
are women who will go to any length to get married for money, and it doesn’t have to be a rich guy.
There are women living around military bases that are looking to meet service men, to get them to
marry them, for the security of that income, insurance, and base privileges. Now days more women
are hanging out in bars, and picking up the men where it use to be the other way around. One night
stands are common, and some times result in unwanted births. Some girls hop in and out of bed
with more then one man a night, and are not sure who is to blame. So pick the one they liked best,
or the only one that gave his correct name, and address. If he had been sober, and knew what she
looked like he would never have gone to bed with her, and is not sure he did since that night is not
all that clear in his mind. That is all he sees of her until a month later when she tells him she is
pregnant, and comes to him with a paper for him to sign acknowledging he is the father. Now he
was on medication, and was due to be released from the army. He signed the paper fearing what the
army might due if he refused to sign. The relatives advice if he had asked him, would have been not
to sign, make her prove the baby is yours.

Every one concerned could have been satisfied if a DNA test was made to show the child was his, if
not then he would not be responsible for the support. The state would not pay for the test. The girl
and her family said they couldn’t afford the cost. To be truthful they didn’t care for if it was proven
not to be his, she would get nothing. He of course depending on the cost may not be able to pay for
it either. So I decided to see how much this important test cost. I find that test kits are available at
drug stores, and Wal Mart for $24.99 there is a extra cost for the lab of $89.00, total of $113.99.
Using the place that makes the kit, if you use the DD Center then it is $189.00 not legal in court, or
$449.00 legal in court. Now just about anyone could afford the non-legal test, but it might be hard
for some to come up with $450 bucks. Now our young man here would not need the legal version if
the child is his, but he would if it was not his in order to proof it in court, to get back what was
taken from him, and out of paying the support.

This would not get any man out of debt if he was the father, but he would know he was not paying
for some one else's mistake. In this case the state should be willing to take a token amount until he
is able to pay the full amount, when he graduates, and has found a job. He is not refusing to pay a
reasonable amount if the child is his, but the court doesn’t care it just makes demands, and since
they can not garnishee federal disability pay, it will use other means to force payment.

A second example: A young lady is alcoholic and loses her kids to the care of a welfare appointed
relative. She is later found to be bipolar, and has breathing problems. She can not work due to her
health, and later applies for SSI, which is granted but the amount is small. She can barely rent a
room, and eat on what she gets. In the mean time the court gives permeant custody of the kids to
the relative. Time goes by with the young lady on SSI, and under the care of her doctor payed for
through the welfare, while the relative raises the children. All this time the state through the welfare
is paying the relative so much a month for the care of each children. At the same time the state goes
after the fathers for support, of which there are two. The state also requires the mother to pay
support out of what income she has, which is just the SSI, and is non garnishee able. So they can
only take away her drivers Licenses, passport, mess up her credit rating, or throw her in jail, to
force payment.

Let the reader imagine trying to live on say $600 to $800 a month and pay out $350 to $550 for
child support. We all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Copyright Gordon K. Glatz