A Child Support Bill
Last revision 7/13/2015
We need a bill introduced in congress for a new law that requires proof of parent hood, before the
court can take any action against an accused male. Under our laws the burden of proof is suppose
to rest with the accuser, not the accused. In most cases the accuser is either the mother, or the state
on her behalf. There for the state should order the DNA test and cover the cost.

Where an unwed pregnancy occurs, and the mother applies for welfare aid to depend children, the
first thing the welfare asks is who is the father, and where is he? Even if the mother doesn’t wish to
go after the father, the state will still press charges against him for payment of the support. What
happens to him then depends on proof of parent hood. There would be no question if the court
automatically ran a DNA test and paid for it. Then if he was not the father, he would be free of all
responsibility, and the mother would be held responsible for settling with the state.

In the past only men were required to pay child support, but now the women are also, depending on
who has custody of the children. Now I don’t know about women, but I know that in the mines of
most people men are dead beats that don’t pay their support. There are a lot of men who deserve to
be called many things for they can help make the kids, but don’t want any part of raising them, and
in most cases are well able to pay the support. Some thing should be done about them, but we are
all innocent until proven guilty, and should not be treated as though we are all the same.

There are men/women who are not able to pay just because a judge says they must. At this time the
cost of living is very high, and a lot of people are having a hard time just existing on the work they
have. Then there are those who can not work due to a disability, and must rely on the help of others
just to live. Yet they can be held in contempt of court, have their drivers license taken away, thrown
in jail, or both for not paying what the judge determined they had too.

As in the following scenario:

A young man goes into the Army to serve his country, he is injured in the line of duty. It makes no
difference whether that is in combat, or on the base. He is still a disabled veteran, and is discharged
with a disability, having the right to medical treatment through the VA, and schooling under the GI
bill. Since he can not work at jobs that are of a physical nature, he must have work where he uses
his hands and mind, such as on a computer. So he goes to collage to get a degree that will enable
him to get a good job of this type. He has no income other then what he gets from his government
disability pay, which is not enough to live on, and must share a home with a relative. The relative
being retired on Social Security which is not enough to live on by himself, only thru pooling their
incomes are they able to get by. They don’t own a car,and can not afford to buy one, and the court
has pulled his drivers license for not paying, so He can’t rent a car or a U-haul-it if needed in an
emergency. So the young man must ride a bike, a bus, or take a taxi everywhere. Prolonged riding
of the bike aggravates his back, and increases the pain. The only way he has of getting to school is
by bus, which is not in walking distance, so he must ride the bike to the bus stop, put it on the front
carrier, and ride from the bus stop to school. His relative must take a taxi, for everything, and
nothing gets done because he can’t afford the fee’s. Things like seeing his medical doctor, his eye,
and ear doctors, and getting a hair cut once in a while.