Now what about the out side entertainment there is of course all the usual night clubs, bars, bowling, and movies that
we had in the past. Let us consider the movies which I have always loved. In my home town when I was growing up
there was five theaters and three Drive-In's. For less then a dollar you saw two features, a cartoon, a short serial, and
news of the day. Refreshments ran from a nickel to a dime, you went right in with no wait, and could stay and see to
where you came in, or the whole works over again if you wanted too.

Now you pay quit a bit more, the last time I went it was seven dollars for a ticket to see one feature, and cost of
refreshments was ridiculous. You had to wait in the lobby for the show to end, before you could be seated. They ran
advertisements for local businesses and coming attractions before the show started, and you had to leave when it was

The last thing I will mention is the ridiculous email Spam I receive daily, I very seldom read any of it. It goes in to my
bulk folder which I delete, after checking that good messages have not been directed there. They are wasting their time
sending it, and if others do the same as I do, they can not be getting any profitable response.

Now I don't know about the rest of you, but I have certain products that I like and will buy regardless of any
advertisement. I will not be pushed in to buying anything I do not want, or need. I am not saying that I will not try new
things, but only if I can afford too, and all the advertisement in the world will not make any difference.

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Unwanted Advertising
Last revision 10/06/2014