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People see them moving around in the sky with
no seeming point of origin, and think they are
illuminated craft. It all depends on the
atmospheric conditions where these objects in
the day time, or lights at night may appear. The
effect is random and may or may not repeat to
the same observers over a period of time.
Here on earth this bending effect is the cause
of the visual phenomenon that we experience
as mirages, add to it the pollution in the air
from our industrial, and transportation
revolution, and we see other sky effects that
are misinterpreted as UFO's. I believe that the
10% of sightings that authorities have not
been able to explain is answered by this

A projection may occur from light reflected off
an object, it doesn't have to be through a
transparency. I know this only to well since I
have in the past constructed my own projector
using this principle. You simply take a box and
mount a light bulb in the bottom, and mount a
lens in one side of the box, and cut a
rectangular hole in the side of the box opposite
the lens. Any picture you hold over the hole
will be projected enlarged on the wall or a
screen, or you can hold a object up in the hole
and it will be projected.

Sun light reflecting off a white or silver object
such as a round oil storage tank could be
projected miles away on the clouds, or dirty air
layers, and be observed as a UFO.  Again the
projection would appear to move, because the
turning earth would change the angle of the

Then we have the phenomenon of the UFO's
that appear as lights in the sky at night. These
are caused by light pollution that has become
stronger over time, as the invention of electric
lights has grown through out the world, and
the lights have become higher in intensity.
These lights can be project by the atmosphere
hundreds of miles from the source that are
actually originating them.
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A L Effect and it's Relation to the UFO Phenomenon