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I don't know if it was reported by any of the
neighbors, but later after hearing and reading
about UFO's I was sure it was no figment of
our imagination and believed it to be a craft.
Now 57 years later, with a lot more
accumulated knowledge from schooling, study
and reading, I now know what it was that we
saw that day and it was no craft of any kind.

So what was it you ask?

I now know it was a projection of the setting
sun on the air layers, caused by this
atmosphere lens effect.

1) The sun rises in the east and sets in the
west, and the object was traveling from east to
west. Or I should say we the observers were
traveling from the west to east on this
revolving earth, and the object was not moving
at all.

2) If we could have clocked it, I believe it
would have appeared to be moving at the
speed of the turning earth around 1000 mph.

3) It was a round flat circle and was the
orange color of the setting sun. This is the
same effect where travelers in the desert have
seen what appears to be a city, town or some
other object in the distance just ahead of
them. Of course no matter how far they go it is
never there, because it is a projection of some
thing miles away in a different location.
Back when I was a kid around 14 or 15 years
old I had an experience that in later life I
contributed to being a UFO.

I can remember it as though it were yesterday,
it was in the summer, but I am not sure of the
month. The sky was clear blue not a cloud to
be seen. It was late after-noon and the sun
was just beginning to set .

My mother was setting on the front porch and
I was standing in the yard. When all of a
sudden my mother said," What is that?". She
was pointing to the east/northeast at the top
of the trees in the park across the street. I
looked where she was pointing and saw it too.

Neighbors setting on their porches started
down in to the yard. One man turned to me
and asked," What is that?". As if a kid would
know if he didn't.

It came in over the top of the trees and by
now was right over head. The edge of it when
it was a long distance away, looked flat on the
bottom and curved on top. Now with it over
head you could see it was perfectly round. It
was bright orange and shiny like metal or
glass. At the time I did not realize, but later
believed the color was from the setting sun
reflecting off the bottom.

There was no wind that day to push a balloon
along, and it was going to fast to be a balloon
anyway. It made no sound and there was no
vapor trail. It continued on over our house to
the west/southwest. This was 1950 or 1951,
we had no aircraft that looked anything like it.
I had never heard of a UFO, nor had my
mother or anyone else on that street.
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