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Gravity is a function of matter, Energy has no
mass, and one is not effected by the other.
This is why Einstein was never able to unify the
fields. Electricity, Electromagnetism, light, and
natural magnetism are all forms of energy
released from matter. Where gravity is a force
(energy in a sense) that works inward to hold
all physical elements having mass together. If
we heat a piece of metal to incandescence light
is released and speeds away effected by none
of the matter around it, because it has no
mass. But it is absorbed by any solid mass it
encounters to some degree depending on the
reflecting ability of the object.

If you pass a light beam no matter if it is white,
colored or infrared, close to the sun it will be
bent inward or out ward depending on the
angle, and the conditions of the media it is
passing through. Any light other then laser has
a scattering affect and weakens the further it
travels. So I know it would be impractical to
use any ordinary light, and that is why they are
using the laser. It will bend just the same as it
passes through the outer corona of the sun,
but not because of its gravity. Whether it
bends and how much will depend on how far
from the sun it is as it passes. If it passes far
enough out from the sun where there is no
gaseous or ion cloud to slow it down then it
will not bend. This in no way proves Einstein
right or wrong, because he failed to recognize
the lens effect of the atmosphere. People
brilliant or not some times are so involved in
the complex, they fail to see the simpler
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The Atmospheric Lens Effect