Electric Vehicles Now!
Copyright By: G K Gllatz
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Most are no good for freeway speeds, but
are fine for around town where you can't
go more then 35 to 45 mph anyway.

For now if you don't need long range, the
all electric-using batteries is a good way to
go. Where the electric uses no energy
while waiting on lights. You can charge it
at home during the times when you are
not using it.

I am retired, and live in Florida. I don't
take vacations any more, so my traveling
amounts to around town only. Right now
I don't own a car, I have to depend on my
son's old Chev to get around.

We live in a small apartment on the
ground floor, where there is no way of
plugging in a car, but if I could afford my
own car again, I would prefer an electric
over gas.
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good sites. Here is one
( EV world )
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