Electric Vehicles Now!
Copyright By: G K Gllatz
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Right now there are still many who are
going electric, even if they can not afford
a commercially produced one, by
converting regular cars to electric. There
are companies that provide conversion
kits, plus instructions on how to do the
conversion. You can find them with a
search on the net. This may not be for
every one, if you are not much of a

The cost is less then a manufactured one,
some I have read about have cost less, or
no more then a present new car. It
depends on the car you are using for the
conversion, whether it is a new, or used

The performance is any where from 25 to
70 mph, with a range of 25 to 60 miles,
depending on the combination of the
number of batteries to motor voltage, and
whether the system you choose is AC or
DC. These can use regular car lead acid
batteries which are the cheapest, or if you
have the bucks, and don't mind the extra
cost you can buy better ones.

Also most cars are used by only the driver,
if you don't believe it, stand and watch the
traffic. So do we really need a four to
eight passenger car to haul just one
person around?

There are some small commercially made
one and two passenger alternatives, that
are not to expensive, and even used ones.
Ford Ranger
GMC Yukon
914 Solar
Ford Escape
Toyota Highlander
Lexus rx400h
Tesla Roadster
Tesla S Alpha
Fisker Karma