Electric Vehicles Now!
You and I both know that the Electric Car
is nothing new. At the turn of the century
man had the choice of Gasoline, Steam,
and Electric. All were around and working,
But electric and steam bit the dust.
Because the "Infernal" combustion engine
was the easier way to go. Now a hundred
years down the road after ruining the air,
causing war over oil shortages. We finally
see merits in the Electric Vehicle.

As for the option to buy electric or hybrid
automobiles right now. The news has
changed since I first wrote this page.
Chev has put the volt Hybrid on sale, and
there is the Nissan Leaf. Also Toyota is
bring back the Rav4, and Ford has the
Focus in their stable. If you don't believe
me, go to www.evworld.com and read
some of the latest news. The cost is still
high, but There is no reason out side of
the cost of batteries, for the cars costing
so much. Still if you consider the savings
you will be getting on fuel, and with the
cost of gas now that is quit a bit.

There are also companies offering three
wheeled versions of EV's that license as
Motorcycles, Electric Motorcycles,
Scooters, Bicycles. There are also kits for
converting bicycles to Electric Drive. On
some of the following pages I have
pictures of some of the Vehicles that are
Copyright By: G K Glatz
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Ford C Max
Ford Fusion
Toyota Prius
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Chev Volt 2011
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