Centrifugal Force
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What causes CF?

Any time a mass is set in motion it will travel in
a straight line as long as it is not effected by
some other force acting in another direction. If
a force attempts to pull the mass from its line
of travel, to cause it to follow a curve the mass
reacts with a opposite force to try to maintain
a straight line. ( For every reaction there is an
equal and opposite reaction.) and this force is
called Centrifugal Force because it acts in a
direction away from the center of travel. If the
inward force is equal to the CF the mass will
follow the new path constantly fighting to go
straight with a steady CF.

The mass must be physically or non-physically
attached to a center of rotation.

Physically the radius is a tether made of some
matter its self having mass, such as a flexible
string, rope, chin, or a solid arm of wood,
steal, glass, etc. The tether holds the mass in
its orbit, and CF pulls the flexible tether taunt
as the mass revolves around the anchor point.

A non-physical attachment is where the mass is
being anchored to the center of rotation by a
force. An example is in the case of Gravity
holding a satellite in orbit. Where CF acting
outward equals the inward pull and prevents
the satellite from being pulled in ward. The
effect of CF also occurs on earth where the
tether is friction, here the mass is travelling on
wheels, or runners in contact with the ground,
road way, or track. Here the mass will not hold
the curve if the CF is greater then the friction.

This is a force that has been around since the
beginning of time. Man has used it in many
ways for centuries, even before the birth of
Christ, many times not really knowing they
were or what the force was or that it was a
force. Even today there are people who
steadfastly insist  there is no such thing as
Centrifugal Force, or do not believe it is a
force, and contribute its effects to Inertia,
and/or Angular Momentum.

Bogged down in a quagmire of Physic’s that
has been drummed in to their heads by
generations of great men who’s theories have
become gospel laws, laws that many people do
not understand, or misinterpret. Read my other
article, “ Inertia” for my views on the subject.  
( Centrifugal Force for the rest of this article
will be referred to as CF.)

Never the less regardless of what the readers
of this article may believe CF has been proven
to be a force, and can be calculated by the
formula ( Cf=M(Vsq)/R) found in every High
School Physics book.

The two most important forces in the Universe
is Gravity, and CF, for the interaction between
these two forces are what keeps everything in
balance, and maintains the orbits of all rotating
mass from the stars down to the smallest
constitute of matter.
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