About Me

I was born and raised in the great state of Ohio. The youngest of six children, I had four sisters
and a brother. My oldest sister died at one year of pneumonia. The rest of my siblings have all
past away,  my oldest sister who was the last to go was 86 .

I am retired and living in Florida.

I was a master electrician with 30 years experience when I retired and I also taught adult
Electrical Classes in two schools. Plus I have training and experience in Electronics, Physics,

I served three years in the US Army signal corp. Where my job was Telephone Central Office

I love my computer, science, technology, old movies, music, and Ice cream.  

My hobbies and interests include art, photography, cooking and cake baking. I am also a
writer of short stories of which I have self published seven, both in printed and eBook
versions. I hope you like my pages and if you have similar interest, drop me a line.
Here's Ugly Me !
Family coat of arms
Dating back to 1471